I order two John Grace Suits when I was in Singapore. Judging on Asia's Got Talent, I had a very tight schedule.  The 3D  Tailoring meant I didn't have to put any time aside for fittings and the suit's where delivered to my door... It was fantastic, the suits were great, impressive service!


David Foster


Using this Technology is life changing. Not ONLY are you saving time for customers but you are also saving your tailor's time. That is fantastic for everyone




I  had a suit made for Singapore Grand Prix. I had 15mins only for the initial consultation, then had the suit delivered in two days! Very nice

F1 Driver

Antonio Giovinazzi


Very quick, no fittings. I thought the suit was really great and fitted perfect

F1 Driver

Sergey Sirotkin

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 17.46.30.png

I was intrigued by the 3D Technology and how it was going to work out.  I ordered a 3 piece wedding suit and I could fault it 10/10 for fit and value


Chris Johnson


I was sceptical being told I wouldn't need any fittings due to this 3D technology.  I normally go for approximately 3-4 fittings with previous tailors.  I was completely shocked with the exact fit when it arrived. I couldn't fault it at all... and believe me I tried!

Director, Deutsche Bank

Peter Zorn


Having got tailored shirts from John Grace Suits makes it extremely hard to go back to wearing anything else.... So I ordered more, 17!

Managing Director, Asia Pacific for Meesta Production


Actually... all of my suits are John Grace now. I must have at least 10! They fit perfect and are great value.  With a wide selection of Italian fabrics I haven't needed to go anywhere else. When you find something that works, its works!


Quirin Regensburger

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